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by arisa hatori

i hate everyone in this world, almost every damn human being. yes there are exceptions, perhaps ten percent of the world population. i also have nothing against those who who are born into extreme poverty in places such as africa, or any kind of being who is dominated by their government or by internal conflict and aren’t able to make anything of this life anyways. i wish i could say that i want their lives to improve, but if they were to; then how do i know that that they wont align their ideals against what is universally and morally right.

everyone deserves the right to pursue happiness right, yes i realize this a quote unique to the united states, but it holds just as true for the rest of the world. everyone only lives one short live of which can be full of happiness and fortune, or just as easily misfortune and suffering. to have my own individual freedoms taken away from me by society and my own mistakes as well is unfair in itself. but for this to be extended to my own children as well is  bewildering. how can i stand by and let the government and its allied industries take away my own child’s well being, when all i had desired was to give him/her a better life than mine.

damn you all, i wont let this happen to the next generation of which i hold responsibility for. i’ll exhaust every option until i have nothing more; and if that day is to arise then i will kneel down and weep bitter tears.

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Itscolourlife 9/22/2019 - 12:21 am

Me too kinda hate this world..
I meet so many scumbag mean people

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