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There’s only one way…

by Wisp

Not suicide related

Soon I’ll be back in my home country. I’ve spent nearly all my money on my boyfriend (oops?)
I hope I’ll make the flight back, it’s very long. I’m going to help him out. I’ve got to get a better job (wouldn’t think I’d have my other one anymore because I’ve been gone so long). I’ve got to get somewhere. This will be my duty to myself and to him. A bunch of hard work for a potential life of bliss? Well, even if he does l break up with me again, hopefully I’ll be in a better position for myself. So yes it will benefit me and him.

We have so much physical contact, omg he feels so fucking good, it’s like being in heaven. (I don’t mean only sexually. We like to snuggle alot too)

Yeah I’d definitely be willing to work my butt off to see him again. I’m going to try my hardest to get myself out of the rut I am at home.

I don’t like that he isn’t motivated but I’m certain I can motivate him. I feel that perhaps I already have, a little.

We could be so much together…

It’s time I changed my viewpoint here…

I’m going to have my damn bliss…. 😉

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