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When Life is Shit

by Todamnbad

Would you ever die or take risks for somebody you love? Well, that was today. My daughter is 2 weeks old, ever since, the hospital called Child Protective Services and we have been investigated ever since. We weren’t allowed to take our baby home from the hospital when she was born. The only option was a safety plan through Cps to have the child stay at the mom’s parents for 2 weeks. Well, the safety plan was never courted ordered, we made the attempt to take the baby home from their house. They ripped the baby out of my hands, 2 on 1 fight. The dad and son fighting me, 17 and 40 something years old. They put me in headlock and teamed up on me. Basically unfair, because i already had baby in my hands, plus 2 people fighting me. I barely slipped out of a headlock, they get 1 punch to the temple and i luckliy i escaped from their house with the mother of my baby. Once the baby is 30 days out of the parents home, they can get me for child support, because im staying with mother and shes not her. We aren’t horrible parents, they just think we are incapable to support the baby, which is a bullshet claim. The parents just want to care for her. These no good rotten grand parents, side with CPS and are trying to get us to lose our baby. The court system is fuked and CPS is a f’ed up organization, you can imagine losing your baby, is makes you sick, i haven’t lost custody, but not able to be there for her is a sick feeling, im fighting for my baby. But it feels like a losing battle, more bs from CPS is to come and we have to agree to every little bs thing they tell us to do get our baby back, and its ridiculous. I dont how long i can fight for her. Its just one of those feelings its the world against you. Nobody cares about you. Trying your hardest and still failing. Its tiring and so much anxiety. I have a place, have a car, able to care for. I don’t see the problem. I hate this situation. I couldn’t even press charges against them. I would get a F3 kidnap or M1 child neglect and all they get is a disorderly conduct for what they did to me. This is the father and mother of baby trying just to get their baby back. I tried to get her before the 30 days are up with CPS because they can legally do whatever they want, and the safety plan is not court ordered, but the courts lets agency do whatever they damn well please. Our government is corrupted and does not care to take your baby. This in Ohio and i feel like this place but would do nothing but f’ you. I hope you guys listened and thanks for listening. I wish this nightmare would end, I hope you guys are okay. Its been 1 shetty day. God bless, not suicidal but i guess super depressional stories are okay. Look after yourselfs.

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unknown 9/24/2019 - 10:39 am

that’s so fucked up. i don’t even know what id do if i had my son taken away from me. especially by the grandparents. i never want to wish bad on anyone but damn they deserve what will come for them. a baby needs their parents. and your baby girl will grow up knowing that said grandparents took her away from her parents who love her and were fighting for her. goodluck. hope all plays out well.

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