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Being kind is a CURSE

by Itscolourlife

I appreciate those who choose the way
They are so brave
I wish i have that much of brave
But avtially im jist getiing smaller amd shrink
I poor myself because of the path i choose
Mau parents always tell what to do
But if i think again…
Im part of that fault
Cause I dont try my best to persuade them
Cause I dont try my best to tell them what i love to do
Im ended up here
Tainted and hurt
Everything I love already gone with the thin air
I hate myself
I hate how i look amd smile
And trying to hide my gloomy and sad trueself

Just like him and her
The brave one
They always smile laugh and brush everything off
They try to be kind
Cause theu hope oneday someone will helm them
Like maybe
Someone will understand amd help them
We dont want to hurt people
But people hurt us
They step so hard in our cutted wrist
Pretending not kmow amything
But we
How about we
We finaly choose the best way
Not to hurt people
We just want to poof and gone
And let ourselves find peace

Being kind is a curse
If i wake up again let me be killer

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1 comment

a1957 10/19/2019 - 1:47 pm

Being kind is really really hard work for me. Brings me close to tears when I do something, especially some really little thing, randomly for someone else. You see, I had to stay alive to do it. Yes, being kind is hard for us here. Extra hard.

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