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by DufoCloe

“Why can’t you be normal”?

Me and my mom never were at the best of terms, but when i told her, that i was thinking about suicide a lot recently (mostly because a lot of people in my surrounding are suicidal) and that  if something should happen to them, i couldn’t take it, instead of beeing supportive as you’d expect from your mother i just hear the words “Why can’t you be normal for once, do you always have to cause such drama?” Not the best responds. I mean is it really my fault, for not wearing anything else than black, or not listening to hip hop or rap music? For not wanting to get drunk every day, chain smoking or liking romantic movies like everyone “normal” seems to like? I am sorry i want to die then 🙂

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It'll Be Ok 10/26/2019 - 12:54 pm

Yeah. Words can sting sometimes. I moved out with my mother saying I’m a fail at life. However if I may twist your mother’s words she’s right. You aren’t normal. You are you own unique person. And you should embrace that. Ignore all the negative people they are just trying to make themselves feel better.

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