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Happy Halloween…

by Teresa's Child

…they say to me. Stay safe. Who says it?

  1. The wallflower.
  2. The faker.
  3. Two delusional people.
  4. The bully.

What a gang of people I have surrounded myself with. An absolute joke and a travesty to boot. Here’s the big joke.

The faker is a coward. The wallflower is untested. The delusional people are chained to the wheel. The bully is bullied.

Here’s another joke. They say, “stay safe”. But I’m the most terrifying thing around. Isn’t that funny?

My eyes are opening. I closed them for a few years, but now they’re starting to open. I feel good. I feel right. I’m okay with the actions I’m taking, in this moment. Nothing holds me. I can’t be bought with money. I can’t be threatened. I can’t be bought with food, or job security, or prestige, or hope for promotions. I can’t be controlled. Not by bullies, and not by the wheel.

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