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Hello Wanderers

by FarTooLong

Whether you’re moving from city to city, town to town, from one job to the next and from daydream to daydream, I imagine that many of us feel lost.

This is my first post (albeit I’ve been lurking for a couple of years now) and I thought I would try and connect with this thoughtful and supportive community.

My name is Grey (alias), I live on Vancouver Island, and I am a survivor of many, many years of chronic depression. I have had 4 episodes of major suicidal depression during those countless years, with 2 occurring in the last 3 years. I am also a survivor of severe emotional neglect and abuse throughout my childhood and adolescence.

I have experienced depression for so long that it has become my ‘normal’, my baseline. I can hardly remember the last time I felt content or at peace with myself and my surroundings. I imagine I’m not alone, at least in this regard.

I won’t go a long rant, after all I’m new here and wouldn’t
want to scare and/or bore you all to tears šŸ˜‰

Bye for now


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WaitLonger 10/9/2019 - 12:13 am

There are no “survivors” of depression. You live with it until you can’t anymore.

FarTooLong 10/9/2019 - 1:48 am

I’m not commenting or speaking for anyone else. But what I can say, for me, is that with every day that I wake up, I have survived another day. There is hope in that, my hope. I have very recently fought my way up from a suicidal state (its day to day), but I am still depressed.

WaitLonger 10/9/2019 - 8:06 am

I like the coincidental play between our usernames. If you are genuinely able to derive some form of positivity from surviving, then that’s good for you.

FarTooLong 10/9/2019 - 10:40 am

Thanks WL, I noticed as well that our user names did collide somewhat (in a good way that is). Call it Kizmet? lol jk

Jack 10/9/2019 - 1:22 am

Congratulations for making it this far.

FarTooLong 10/9/2019 - 1:38 am

Thank you Jack

Teresa's Child 10/9/2019 - 9:33 am

Welcome to SP, Grey. I’ve been on SP for 7ish years now — I think from the stuff we’ve shared and experienced, you won’t scare us or bore us, so feel free to share whatever you like. SP is a little pocket of the internet where there are still some honest people. Sometimes the forum is dead, sometimes people argue about petty things here. There’s bad poetry, mad ramblings, and more. But all in all I’ve enjoyed this forum for many years, and hope you will too.

FarTooLong 10/9/2019 - 10:36 am

Thank you for the warm welcome TC, I’ve read many of your posts and I have always appreciated the wisdom and insight that you bring to this forum. And yes, I too am aware of the little feuds and mad ramblings that sometimes pokes to the surface of SP. But I’ve also seen that the good far outweighs the not so good, which is why I’m here šŸ˜‰

Yoges 10/10/2019 - 1:24 pm

Nice to know about you, Grey. Welcome to SP; may you find it helpful in fighting your demons.

FarTooLong 10/11/2019 - 4:53 am

Very kind of you Yoges, thank you.

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