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Between the line of fear and blame you begin to wonder why you came…

A lyrics from The Fray, How to save a life.

I’ve been bullied when i was in grade school and it was the scariest thing a little girl have to go through.

Highschool was a lot of fun, except things from family starts to jump out.

I started to appreciate the songs Perfect and Welcome to my life by Simple Plan… Its really the lyrics that made me close to the music. It embrace me to bed.

Boulevard of broken dreams by Green day came in my playlist, That’s when i realize my friends don’t understand me.

Now im in college and life fcks me up so damn much that it made me numb…

I’m depressed since i was a kid, when i was sixteen suicide thoughts came right in… now im twenty, i feel exhausted. Breathing is getting harder that i think it can choke me. Anxiety attacks are much worst cause my heart palpitates rapidly and it kinda hurt.

I hate everyone. They made me like this. but sometimes i think, maybe i made myself into this.

I’m actually scared to live,

and I’m actually scared to die.

I’m tired. I am screaming inside. I breakdown almost everyday and different time.

My depression and anxiety are my demons. I hear their voices, in the morning, afternoon, evening… they don’t seem to get tired at all.

Some people told me; “You need to be strong”, ” God will help you, just pray”, “Be positive”, ” There’s always a rainbow after the rain”, “You’ll get better soon”… It easier to say things like that but it doesn’t really help. It doesn’t work that way… It made me think, I had a bad life and they have a good one. They’re lucky.

My depression and anxiety have become a part of me for the past i dunno since i was nine? and until i die i have them with me… They’re my friend and my enemy.

In case your reading this, i don’t need someone to help me or to fix me, I just need people to stop breaking me.

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