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by Gary555

This is the new thing on this board. They won’t post you’re post unless they review it first. I said something about trump so they didn’t post it. Goodbye Suicide Project. I can’t think of the word. Someone please help me. I think it’s called Fear. You’re trump lovers and I get that but you’re a joke. You should have posted my post but you didn’t do it because I said something against your Dear Leader. I’m never posting on this board again.


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la freize 10/8/2019 - 6:40 am

I hope it’s just a technical glitch, but if you’re right that any critical posts about Trump are deleted then that’s just sad.

Here’s why. It’s not just a “political” issue. It’s literally a suicide issue. Studies consistently show that suicide rates rise under republican administrations. Usually they conclude that it’s because republican administrations make guns easier to get a hold of, and guns = more suicides. That’s true but I think there’s another component.

Republican administrations tend to marginalize the outliers. Minorities (racial, sexual, philosophical) get marginalized, or in the case of our current president, outright demonized. Heaven help any Americans with brown skin because he wants you on the other side of the wall. I’m sure atmosphere of oppression leads to more suicides, and indeed the US suicide rate is skyrocketing even as suicides rates in the rest of the world are going down.

This is not political. I have nothing against the republican party. I have everything against the guy in the white house who is spreading fear and hate and suicide amongst the people he’s supposed to be serving, all of us not just his fringe fan club.

rivets 10/8/2019 - 10:35 am

Uh, it has a filter that will block things from being posted that contain certain phrases or words. I sincerely doubt the person running the site is a Trump lover. That’s actually kind of laughable.

Once 10/8/2019 - 1:47 pm

The perplexing thing about is that in his mind, what’s the problem?

“Everyone likes me!”

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