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by Alone_in_this_World

I am done with this cruel world. I have had it. Constantly being betrayed, stabbed in the back and trampled. I treat people with respect and dignity. I ask nothing in return, not even a thank you. I just help because I see suffering and want to help. I need no thanks. Even that is too much to ask. After I Helped them, asking nothing in return, they still have the fucking audacity to stab me in the back. Maybe I’m that naive, to believe that people and family members  have good in their hearts. That at least these individuals are not so bad like what you read on the news. Same shit different location. Being scammed, lied and betrayed by your own blood and friends. If you can’t trust your own siblings, then who the fuck is left? To just end it all and just have eternal peace is now on my mind. Don’t care if I go to hell because I am already in one.


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Cause of Death: Suicide 11/18/2019 - 2:50 am

Hey man, everyone knows siblings don’t actually matter to one another and basically you are just tallied together to show how f*cked up your parents were. I wouldn’t worry about anything your siblings do or say if they are going to have their head in the *sses.

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