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I just don’t want to anymore…

by Why Am I Here

No, my life isn’t hard I have rich parents mom and stepdad two step-siblings both younger than me, I have a laptop phone and go to a rich school, my grades are decent with the lowest being a C in PE, although my parents emotionally abuse me and constantly tell me Ill never amount to anything in my life, I still don’t have it bad as others do and I keep telling my self that, but it isn’t working I haven’t felt anything since my mom got full custody from my dad probably and it all started there and my emotions never quite came back I always react the way I should but I don’t feel it same as with my Boyfriend, my life is fine nothing is wrong yet im searching up how to kill myself at 1 in the morning, its just annoying to live I see no point I see right through everyone I see right through my future the worst and the best I’ll never be able to feel happy so there’s no point I dont care anymore I tried making myself but It never quit works so I dont know If ill still be alive after high school Im too lazy to try and find out Iv been told my whole life that life after high school is hard and I just dont want to anymore I littartly want to die because I never wanted to live to begin with I want to feel agian but nothing works Iv tryied a lot of things if your still reading this you have a long attetion span


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It'll Be Ok 11/17/2019 - 9:53 am

“I still don’t have it bad as others do and I keep telling my self that” i wont disagree that you dont have it as bad as others but i will say you shouldnt be telling yourself that either. i told myself that for years and im just starting to realize how horrible it really was but that last bits aside that point. i kept telling myself “it wasnt that bad. it could have been so much worse” and i just kept buring it deeper and deeper. completely lacking the understanding of why i was depressed. but that was because i looked at the problems individually once i put them all together it started to sink in. anyway you have no reason to feel you shouldnt be depressed. hearing things from just a person hurts on its own. but hearing it from your parents, the people you grew up believing was suppose to love you and care for you hurts so much more making it wear on a person that much faster. you have every right to be depressed and the sooner you realize that the sooner you can start healing. i didnt realize it until years later (about 5 years) and now im thinking it might be too late. depression like any other illness though is easier to help the sooner you catch it. before things have time to set in too much.

Why Am I Here 11/19/2019 - 2:37 am

thank you, in some way that made me feel better, and I know there isn’t anything I can say to make your scenario feel better because that’s how I feel right now but I hope it gets better in any way possible

It'll Be Ok 11/19/2019 - 2:40 am

im glad that i could help 🙂 and dont worry about me. ever since i realized its ok for me to be depressed ive been working towards a better life

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