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I remember the exact moment….

by Abandoned

i remember the exact moment i first heard this song and it hit me like a mack truck. i just couldnt do it anymore.
you were with your friends and i was…..off with someone else. i was sitting at the picnic table just on the edge of the group. everything was…fine. i was playing with his phone and going through his music. the only thought that went through my head was “oh a song by 3dg i havent heard” i apparently didnt think about the title itself long enough. so i clicked it. within seconds my heart sunk. that was years ago now and it still hurts. and i still listen to it. i can never forgive myself for what i have done. i was off with others while you were trying to make my life better. i was off getting high and cheating while you were asking your mom to give me a safe place. and i cant thank you enough for still being here……you really are my world, my rock, my anchor, my root 😉 🙁

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