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spectation of war zone or phantasm of solidarity

by Yikrens

i do not even want to return. all i want is about aurora aksnes or a real healing.

the poems, the songs of love, I want to listen to them with her, I am insane, I lose all I got from lining to self-control, I am fed up, I do not want any food or drink although I need and will. all saints day feels nothing different from any other day, I think I have passed all the bloom a life can give. I want to get a weapon, I want to join the forces but actually all I want, what she hates, is being hugged from her and hear words from deep beneath her soul.

I never felt like my family is one where I should belong. I knew one home and that was Norway when I had not a single place I own. I would be in a dream, I could not feel better ever when I am on a journey with her, I could imagine to marry her and to decide for a religion in such an holy place.

I am making plans for there, I feel like there are already like 50 on my Way, but my favourites are with her because any else is one in which my corpse will remain.

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