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by Abandoned

i have a friend who thinks i should message my other friend. the catch? the way i see it this other friend stabbed me in the back 7ish years ago. but at the same time. they didnt tell me because they werent sure how. when i started talking to them again they didnt know what my life was actually like. and from my point of view. what if im right and they dont care. i have a mood disorder and abandonment issues ill just leave on my own. but if im wrong and they do care and i explain everything to them….idk. i would love to be their friend again but….it just seems like a good way to get hurt again. should i listen to my friend and at least give it a try?

for those of you that read my last post on telling a friend about whats going on in my life thats a different friend and i havent told her yet we are both busy with the holidays and decided to hang out after christmas.

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