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fuck it

by Abandoned

first smoke ive had in years, i feel like everyone hates me and im only on day 6 of the medication already sick and tired of it…..why the f*ck am i still bothering with anything


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postalservice 12/7/2019 - 4:15 am

Every time I smoke, it feels like it’s been years. I went to a candy store and saw a box of candy cigarettes. It read “Target” on the cover and it felt like years again. Endless loop. At least with alcohol, it doesn’t all taste the same. Sometimes worse, other times better, but I hate alcohol.
Cigarettes are anxiety’s piss-ants. They’ll probably ***** you down, just saying.

postalservice 12/7/2019 - 4:16 am


postalservice 12/7/2019 - 4:16 am

Not you, though haha

It'll Be Ok 12/7/2019 - 6:52 am

First lol I found your following comments a little amusing.

It has been years for me. My last smoke was 3-4 years ago

postalservice 12/8/2019 - 1:23 am

Must’ve been crisp and nostalgic.
Now for the cravings like the scent of blood to a vampire. haha

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