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It’s been awhile

by dsemfodi

It’s been awhile. I just feel tired and restless this past few months. And I thought I had to visit and open my account here…again. I just need to let go the pain, or lessen.

I laugh, yes. I joke, yes. I dance and sing like a happy person, yes. But deep inside, I am burning. I feel like I’m on fire, it deeply burns the inner core of my heart. I am angry…and mad…and crazy. But I am also weak. My whole body is weak. My mind is weak, and so is my heart. I am drowning…with sorrow and pain. I can’t breathe…no, sometimes I chose not to. Because that’s easier. It’s a lot easier for us. Because honestly, that’s the only thing that’s keeping us alive…because we’re all dead inside.


xx A

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