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There is a distinct pain of being alive.


i feel like a disease i need to cleanse for the rest of the world around me. I feel rejected here, to the very atoms of my being. Everything is so tragic, to the point where i question the universe. But at the same time, its all meaningless. I don’t want to experience any longer. I’m sick of wasting time.

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blackxlily 12/15/2019 - 10:46 am

Yes, I agree….in all honesty everything is a waste of time….it just repeats itself…I thought I found a way out, but even that didn’t save me. I realized even that wasn’t different from before. I feel like I’ve just become a pigeon pecking at levers because I’ve been told that’s how I’m supposed to act. Yet when I stop to think about it-why bother? They’re the same levers.

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