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risperidone 1mg

by DOA

i was literally going crazy. my brain wouldnt shut up and i couldnt wait a month to see my doctor again. i made an appointment with my family doctor but thats not for a week. 2 days ago i stopped it myself and have emotionally felt better since. i hid what was happening for about a month. i didnt tell anyone not even my husband that i was going mentally insane. i decided the next time im put on medication ill have to start sharing my thoughts more. not so much what they are but what they are doing. to sit there and watch yourself go crazy while people are happy you are on the medication because they dont know what it happening they think you are heading in the right direction to getting better, its just a small bump
in the road that i was depressed…..it has to be one of the scariest things in life. i wanted to make them happy. i wanted for them to not worry about me. fuck them. i have to do what is right for me and in turn that will make them happy. maybe at the time they dont understand that its what i need to get better but they arent inside my head and so far everything thing ive said has been accurate. i understand they want what is best for me and that they know i have irrational thoughts some times but when it comes to “getting better” anything i do isnt irrational. its what i feel is best for me and really…..im the only one that knows what is.


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theagonyandtheecstasy_ 1/26/2020 - 9:48 pm

Have you tried a monthly shot? A lot of people say it works well for them and eases their rollercoaster of emotions etx

404 1/27/2020 - 2:01 am

Phobia of needles. Not even an option.
Not what caused it but it sure as hell didn’t help.
My stepdad wrapped me up in a blanket duct taped me then sat on top of me while his nurse friend gave me a flu shot. I’m sure its understandable why that will be my last needle.

a1957 1/27/2020 - 11:19 pm

I get why it would be your last needle. Same phobia here. I think I know why, not sure. The alternatives have been much better than western medicine.

infinitetears 1/27/2020 - 11:12 pm

I find the point about doing what you need to do to get well totally valid. People do like me a lot more when I actually don’t need them. Putting yourself in a place where people might want YOUR help rather than the other way around can feel really nice. Not sharing all your thoughts/emotions is also fine. I honestly didn’t need to or want to much before people tried to convince me therapy was a good idea. Honestly a terrible habit for me. Having a private space to collect your thoughts and think before you speak is such a gift.

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