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by cRAPppy

2 days ago at 8am I asked my 2nd subject teacher to excused me in his class for me to visit our guidance counselor. Well… it’s no longer hard for me to talk about what happened and about me being depressed and all. So we talked for an hour about my problems and she gave her input. And like all conversation to soothe or attempt to comfort me didn’t reach me.

After class, I went to see my first ever visit to a psychiatrist. I’ll just call him Mr. X and I don’t have any reason to why. Anyway, I discussed the things that happened and after hearing me out he suggested some methods and things that could help me. Among his many suggestions, I chose the used of hypnotherapy for a hefty price, and I didn’t mind as long as I could leave this lugubrious reality.

Today, it was tough acting okay and happy. All in order to not make people around worry about me. ‘Cause they’re really wasting their time for me…
Although, I can’t deny that I’m touched by their concern.

Just like any other day… I spent more time studying and reading. Maybe the only unusual thing I did today was visit and take a look at a local book store. I was hoping I could find some books of Joy Chambers. Although, I did not find what I was searching for. I unearthed some good books and hid them in a corner where I could buy them when I’m able to.

Well, I’m still thinking whether I would really go for the hypnotherapy.

He mentioned that I will change, that I will forget some things for a side effect. Anyway, a part of me is not afraid to lose things anymore.


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