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but like, love?

by Yikrens

starts by oneself. though, I still would marry just to Die with assistance. but, the causes for the suicidality are reflected down. to Life for a Biography does not motivate me. not even compassionate happiness does me. the book is something, .. oh, and rememberance.

feels not like forgetfullness when I need to remind myself chapter per chapter about my own Life. i can not again tear everyone down with my focus on me, to find that me is still more than the average and come down to worthlessness and staggering progress or loose discipline. even if I’d find a similar chance, I always am sick about the loneliness that nobody believes, can relate to. the coin-redeemed thoughts in my Head being as a whole like cardhouses made by tyranny and drain. also the status quo. or demanding something from my greedfulness in an medium which is already plague, the awareness that the alternative can not be made of gears causing it. excuses that come like greetings. prejudices of an normality that should not be fueling people and their confidence. also confidence broken when someone tries to hold on to an justice, needs help from executives gets denied, ambulances who do arbitrary stuff. People not be told about their Politics, the Person itself restricted of possibilities to get proper insight, knowledge and understanding.

i like to, but fundamentally it is broken down still to infringement and a understanding of freedom, peace rarely People would know disrupted.

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