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Does it make sense

by wait

I just told a friend of mine that I have suicide thoughts and I don’t know if this was the correct thing to do. She was surprised because I did bring it up of nowhere and I knew I would burden her with it but still I thought it was good to tell her. But now afterwards I am not so sure anymore because I know it will be hard on her and it’s just not fair from me to burden her with this knowledge.

Anybody similar experiences?


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Lostinloneliness2 2/4/2020 - 7:09 pm

I have told my bestfriend and im partly happy i did because at one point she saved me from doing it but it sure took a big cost on her and thats why i regret telling her its hurt her much to see me like that and always having the worries i feel terrible sorry for her now to have met me. Now of course it depends on the person how easy it bothers them i think you did a good job telling sombody because its a big step but just watch out with how much you stress her with it.

bookshelpmelive00 2/7/2020 - 7:03 pm

i just told my brother he seemed a bit off afterwards like he was going to tell someone. I dont want him to because then they would stop me from doing it

TheChimeraMonster 2/23/2020 - 9:48 pm

My best friend/boyfriend knows it, kinda of did a pact with me, with no date settled, just to let me know if I really wanted to go, he would go too. It’s not like any of us would survive a lonely life without each other. Indeed I want to die now, but if he was dead I would rather never have been here to begin with. But yeah, this was his reaction, and it has been a decade since the pact

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