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by Amber98Charlotte

It feels like I’ve been thrown into the waters of this big, deep, cold ocean and I have people watching me over from the sides, cheering me to learn to use my hands and legs and begin to swim somehow. And I struggle, drowning at times and every time I hit the rock bottom, just when a part of me heaves a sigh of relief that the battle to breathe is over, I’m pulled up but left, back in the ocean – for giving me another (which seems like endless) chance to try and swim and not sink.
The cheers are loud – everything they say about Life is tempting; their eyes glitter with hope and believe that I can make it – a part of me doesn’t want them to be hurt and the other, tells me that doing this for their joy will make me end up here again; tells me that growing up is all about jumping into one ocean to another and adapt in its waters. It’s that monotonous! The feeling of conquering lasts for moments and then, there’ll also be a time when they won’t be there, waiting for me to catch up.


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Rainwatch 2/13/2020 - 9:35 am

I like the ocean metaphor. Well written, nice prose.

Icy_Dawn 2/13/2020 - 9:02 pm

I can 100% relate to this. I know the feeling of wanting to help and please others only to find yourself drowning in your efforts to do so. I love this

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