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i miss the sun

by postalservice

I’m nightshift and have been for the past six months. It’s cold and time slowly passes and everyone I want to visit is sleeping as I exist >:[ except my gf. She always stays in sync with my schedule. Even if I rotate. Lol she says it’s nice living in the world im in even if it constantly flips. So sweet. Feels less isolating in a way. 🙂

I miss the sun and the summer days. I cant wait until jetski season. I miss waking up early, when it’s sort of colder, and Im super drowsy and get thrown into the water by the force of my friend driving and sharply turning and feeling the instantaneous thrill of being wide awake.

My first jetski. (I have 2) my friend was too* brave and tested it in 40 degree weather. As fast as possible. He’s completely out of his mind. I thought it was way brave and way cool so stupidly tried too and fell in wearing sweatpants (‘.’ ) (‘.’) I forgot to screw in the water plugs and it tipped…. On the brightside we found an island in the middle of this humungous lake and camped there (because miraculously two tents fit in my Polaris and it was great. The battery wont keep its charge after so long….. Well, anymore. and hopefully I can get that fixed. I made a pact with my friend and we’re wanting to one day try them in an ocean. The polaris is old and a powerful crap machine (yolo) and probably not reccomended for salt water but the sea doo spark is salt water ready. Either way it’s happening. I just dont want a guy on my ski on these big ass waves because lets face it it will probably hurt if he isnt driving


I thought about a hoverboard thing where u can walk on water with jets but I dont even want to know how that will turn out, me being a clumsy person as it is


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.pulmo.inundata 8/3/2020 - 6:18 am

I went — and my not so brave friend freaked out about the waves- turning the whole damn thing upside down at 30 mph. I honestly didn’t mind. I love falling in, I just don’t get the whole thing. You’re so afraid of the water, that you forced it to smack you in your face.
So we try it again, and this is only 25mph, and once again it’s screaming like a lunatic, pining for that slap in your face, and I say, “Want to get ice cream after this?” And completely calm, dropping it, “:) yea”
….? Fun ride of course….

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