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by .pulmo.inundata

My sister was doing tarot. I wasnt allowed to ask about my 401k so I asked if Susan Sarandon was secretly a genius. No, she’s not lol but she is a serial cheater. And scary, because she was if you’ve seen her role in Alfie.

She told me to ask questions like “is my spouse cheating on me” etc

She is forever mystified by things like this. Ouija, Tarot, the beyond. I wonder sometimes if black magic is a coping skill for her when things go south.

She moved in with our mom after things became harder for her to deal with. She had a breakdown. She shaved her head, and became suicidal. She ended up checking into a hospital. She’d call and we’d laugh and joke about how that’s something to expect after moving in with our mother. We called it the Carolyn K challenge. Lol It made her laugh, at least. Anyway, when she gets depressed she hides away and always floats back to the surface with a plethora of knowledge about dark magic. Her inner witch croons and spills through her veins, Im pretty sure. Sometimes I wonder if she hides. Sitting in the dark, the dark becoming her eyes, dilated with obsession as she wisps her jewelry all around, humming and eyes rolled back in her head. She has these thick and ancient looking books full of all of this stuff. It’s kind of cool. Lol. She always comes out of it.



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Rainwatch 2/23/2020 - 10:13 am

I was actually watching a movie about tarot cards last night coincidentally “Dr terrors house of horrors” a silly horror yarn from the 60’s, enjoyable enough actually. The premise was we each have two destinies, a natural and supernatural destiny, the tarot predicts the supernatural destiny. Sarandon is a genius lol, she’s in rocky horror picture show a personal fave of mine.

theagonyandtheecstasy_ 2/26/2020 - 4:09 pm

you sir have good taste :B

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