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by peachuniverse

why do shitty things happen to me? i have an abusive father, i have a mom who’s always sick, i have a brother who feels the same as me and i have an uncle who’s a complete drunkard. my parents would always fight every now and then which is so fucking tiring. i would always witness their fights for years and it has become so toxic to the point that it makes me bear the situation. i’m so helplessly tired, my friends at school can’t even take me seriously. my internet friends are fucking far away. i don’t have anyone to rely on because my dad would always use me as an emotional punching bag of his frustrations and regrets after he finishes with my mom. seriously, why would you fucking raise a child when all you can do is to press all your disappointments and failed dreams to us? why can’t you see that i am also as tired as yall. you can’t even respect me as your child. i fucking hate this life, i hate this household, i hate myself. this is just so pathetic. i’m a fucking loser. i hate everything. i’m tired, i want to just die instead.

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BummerBum 2/16/2020 - 9:35 pm

Bad parents are the WORST! Probably the best thing you can do is save every dime and penny you can get your hands on. Try to get a job if you can, or mow lawns, or snow shovel, or recycle cans, whatever you have to so that when you are ready to move out, you have enough money in your pocket to get a car or find a place to live. A car is only necessary if you have to go long distance, there’s nothing wrong with biking. If you’re 16, you could work a job, make a few hundred a month, especially while still living at home, you could really put yourself in a good spot. If not, do whatever you can while you wait. The more money you save while living at home, the better.

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