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Been a while.

by Ka7613

Haven’t been here since 2017.  I guess since I’m back that must mean life is kicking my ass again, hah.

Gonna type some stuff out I guess. Do kind of an update even though no one here remembers me now, lol.

Well I’ve been self isolating but it’s really been no different than my usual day-to-day. I barely ever leave the house these days anyway.  My psychiatrist put me on a new medication a few weeks ago. Gave me some samples and I took them for a week before I found out I couldn’t actually afford the prescription at all, so that’s fun.  I’ve been unmedicated for about 2-ish weeks now and it hasn’t been good.  BPD has had it’s foot on my throat for about a week now and it’s getting really hard to function.  I think about suicide every day now.  I’ve relapsed for the first time in 3 years.  Its getting harder to live.  In 2017 I was put into a psychiatric hospital and I think it might be time for another visit.

Out of stuff to say. Blah. Bye for now.

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robin1244 3/26/2020 - 4:41 pm

Hi Ka7613,

It’s been a long time since i’ve been on here as well, I’m in the same situation you are in i’m not going to assume anything about your condition since i’m not here to judge but know that we are here for you. I’m personally struggling with PTSD and Depression and i’m pretty heavily medicated to stop me from doing stupid shit. But the most important thing is that we are here for you and If you need anything let someone know It doesn’t have to be anyone close to you but pls reach out to someone and share your current situation, I know how tough it is in about 7 months ago I went to the police to file a police report because I was physically and mentally abused for over 12 years. Please promise me that you will talk to someone about your situation and they will be able to help.

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