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by DOA

It was 3 1/2 months until my 21st birthday. As a paper carrier if something happened I knew about it. I watched the articals become more and more about the disease. Infection after infection. It didn’t take long for the elderly to die. Cities start closing. Roads becoming empty. Grocery shelves stripped bare of any products that might have been there at one point. My own little town, apocalyptic-like.

 “A few months” everyone figured we’d be in this state for a while. What they didn’t plan for was evolution. The disease changed. Became stronger. It started to spread to warmer climates. Infecting not only the elderly but the weak. And soon they started dying off as well. The number of deaths rising. It started off with 1 every few days. Then they began dying off faster and faster. Thousands of deaths daily now.

I watched as the disease evolved again. Killing off the healthy and young. More and more people died. If you got it you knew that was it. Within a few years, everyone was gone. All that is left, is me. Just me and my thoughts.

I thought my mental state was bad before. However being in a world entirely by myself drove me completely over the edge. In a month complete insanity kicked in. And now, 18 days later, I sit here writing this. Knowing i cant go on. This extreme loneliness allowing my thoughts to take over. They are slowly killing me. I have to kill them first. I’ll send them out with a bang.

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