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by catmmss

I just have had enough of being on the emotional rollercoaster . I just dont want to feel or do anything . I have had alot of emotional stuff most of my life and in the last month i have been dealing with a concussion as well.just havenot been hopeful and really sad and lonely. Just in a really bad space for a long time now . I just feel like life stinks right now and have for a while. Whats the point .

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Deadstar7 3/25/2020 - 9:43 pm

Sometimes the point is the ride itself. If you describe it like a rollercoaster then while it must have it’s twists and turns, it also has to have highs to go with the lows.

Maybe you’re in the waiting game point where you’re at the top and they are just holding you there, waiting for you to look around. The ride isn’t over.

Don’t just assume because it has been some time of you feeling the same way that everything is hopeless. We have all felt like that. A lot of us still do. You aren’t alone it that.

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