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I’m okay

by lilsuicideangle007

I say I’m okay when we all know I’m not. Smiling on the outside to be perfect, when in the inside I’m crying not seeing a point to keep existing when you’re only in pain and it sucks. Your friends left you. Your parents ignore you and your siblings beat you. But I’m okay. Its okay to not be okay sometimes but not all the time. Unlike some people my thoughts are the gun and the only thing I have to do is fall asleep because if you don’t do something to ignore the voices you’re going to pull the trigger. You’re okay! No I’m not. Act like you’re okay because if you don’t you’ll be hurt even more letting people in to see the darkness in your mind. But I’m okay! I promise. Leave me alone is a phrase said to often by your mouth. I say that but i know I don’t mean it. I want someone to ask me whats wrong but them I say nothing. I want someone to see that something is wrong. Please don’t go. Stay with me please don’t go. Then I get yelled at for not telling then that I’m not okay but when I do they ignore it. They get mad at you for anything and they wonder why you’re so silent. Anyone could see that I’m not okay but your see fine. I’m Okay!! I’m okay. I’m okay

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Itscolourlife 3/11/2020 - 5:00 pm

What you write is exactly what happened to me too… im fed up.. i give up..

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