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Life is the Cruelest Dream

by Todamnbad

When you dream, and you have nightmare. Your subconscious mind is acting out your fears and anxiety. Most importantly, your response to those situations. Our brains are like computers. You have sh$t programs running, inability to function, so code errors. Only thing a computer is lacking is emotional intelligence and morals. Plus, we are the sum of all our life experiences, and daily habits. If you have done nothing with your life like I have. You have no superior knowledge or a great plan with your life. I just lack alot of family support, or willpower to live. My anxiety and fear just preys on my insecurities. Like what will i do with my life. How long will i survive. Can i finanically make it this month. Maybe society makes us dysfunctional when we can’t adapt to it. Mental illness begins when we can’t be our own savior. Just like most books. Only the main character can be the hero of the story.

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Yoges 3/16/2020 - 1:57 pm

Do you believe dying is awakening? Or maybe it’s just a purely biological fading into nothingness?
Either way, it’s a fascinating thought worth pondering in leisure time. If it’s a dream, whether cruel or beautiful, then it makes sense to try and wake up. Perhaps we tremble at the very doorstep of knowledge precisely because we’re hopelessly basic.

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