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One more death. Would anyone notice?

by OldCow

Does the world notice when one more person dies?  These days with people dying by the thousands, would anyone notice just one more old woman dying?  I am 59, almost 60 and I am considered a “boomer”.  All I hear on the news is how the young are saying this virus is great because it is getting rid of the old useless boomers. The Bommer Remover Virus is fantastic, as far as they are concerned.  So, I am here.  Waiting to die.  Bring it on, I am ready.  I have nothing to live for.  No family other than a sister that hates me, and a husband that treats me like his cash cow, just work, and responsibilities.  I am so sick of being.  Come and get me.  I am so ready to die.


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DOA 3/29/2020 - 12:37 pm

id notice…..would i notice individual people? no, how could i when i dont know their name or anything about them. but i do think about everyone that is loss be it from this virus or other causes. i think about death a lot. not only my own but others as well. it saddens me when someone is lost into the…..ill keep my own opinions on the afterlife to myself. point is i care. id notice. and i know you were just speaking generally but im only 20… and the loss of anyone matters to me because they were someone….i understand how you feel but id like you to try to remember that people from my generation are typically a**holes that dont care about anything but themselves and you shouldnt pay attention to those kinds of people.

hope432 3/29/2020 - 1:46 pm

Hello OldCow, I have read your posts over the years and I have always felt some degree of compassion for you. I think several things about you:
1)you deserve respect (especially from your husband who truly ruined your health)
2)you deserve respect in general, especially that you are a hard working person
3) you deserve love and compassion from someone or even from some stranger (I know it seems impossible these days, but I am sure I feel respect and at the same time, compassion for you.
4)You passed through a lot of things and you surely need the help of a Higher Spiritual Power. God is our only hope…
5)No, you are not a nobody, no matter how ugly or unimportant you think you are. Your husband made you feel sick. You are not like this.
You need to care for yourself, to treat yourself better, to have fun on your own, to use whatever remedies you can to heal your multiple diseases, be it herbal remedies, complimentary therapies or going to some church, put someone pray for you or open to someone even if you will never be a Christian or even if you don’t believe in God, it will still help you. (I am not a Christian myself, although I do believe in God and in His angels.
If you feel like at the end of your life and unable to do anything, I share with you a prayer, which is non-Christian and quite universal. Why not to do this? You have nothing to loose.
Pray like this:
“God, I don’t trust you, I have never truly believed in you and I may even hate you, but I want at least 1 second in my life to feel better, to feel treated like a human being. If you can do this for me, I will start to search for you more.”

If you don’t see any sign from God and your life does not really improve at all, in my eyes it’s ok to want to attempt suicide (although I really don’t recommend it). I say this to you because I have been there before and I know how stuck someone can feel or how impossible everything looks for someone who is caught in the hell of suicide. But with God, anything is possible. I know for sure now.

What you need is a relationship. Pray for a relationship. Why not? You have nothing to loose. Pride is the President of Hell.

Just to let you know, you are more cared for and loved for than you think. Even a young person like me in his late 20′ is able to care for you no matter how old you think you are or how meaningless your life may seem. There is also Someone beyond this earth who cares for you.
Love, Respect and Peace.

Pulse-Of-A-Clover 3/29/2020 - 3:37 pm

I would notice.

I’ve likely never met you, I don’t know much of anything about you other than this post of yours.

However, I do think constantly of, “Goodness… someone must have died just now in the time it took for me to have this thought. Someone, somewhere in this world.”

Most of the time, I assume it’s someone I’ve never had any contact with. But, if it were to ever be you, then I’d unknowingly be thinking of someone whose post I’ve read online. That’s something. That’s somebody.

I think the world indeed recognizes when one person dies. It has a huge chain effect.

If that person goes to a local cafe, for example, then they might be seen as a regular there. Then, they suddenly stop coming…the staff there might be sad, whether they know of the death or not. As they get sad, or even as their workload changes by one person, it spirals into other events…Things like that are how the world shows us that it sees when we die.

I used to have a really bad view on “boomers,” primarily because of my grandparents. But, more recently, I’ve met so many great people in that age range. My grandparents included, in fact.

It hurts so much now whenever someone talks like that, because imagining losing my grandparents or any of those other people…especially to this… it’s so terrifying. Just the thought of losing them brings me to tears.

morieris 3/30/2020 - 3:44 am

Im willing to give u my youth

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