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by lilsuicideangle007

Hello again. In to the madness of my mind. Hi how are you I’m “Fine” you don’t talk that often. You’re right I don’t. I don’t because I don’t see a reason to because when I talk I get ignored and when someone talks to me I act normal because when I don’t I get shut down. You sleep a lot you should get out of your room. Breath you’ll be fine don’t think about it. I’ve been hurt too much to trust anyone so I sleep and breath and talk. Screaming for help but nothing comes out I’m silent. Suffocating in silence on the daily because you can’t say actually say you’re not okay. I’m giving up and yet know body out there to help thank you.


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Hadouken 3/13/2020 - 1:41 am

That happens to me alot too.. with talking to others. Not always though. Sometimes it is easier to think of reasons as to why those people do that, for yourself, for closure of the situation. Or maybe you could even just ask why those people are doing that Haha. What even is normal anyway? If you want a rant my shoulder is here. And also my ears ?

Hadouken 3/13/2020 - 1:42 am

Question mark was laughing emoji. I am not questioning where my ears are lol

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