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The Reason You Can’t Commit Suicide

by _loser_

Sooo… I learned that you can only commit suicide unless you have one of the predicating factors involved in suicide as a motive. Factors such as being a jilted lover, feeling like a burden, the typical shit.

Thing is, many of these factors are much less tragic than some of the things we go through. But suicide is a very specific process, I guess, and unless you have one of those factors motivating you, you probably ain’t gonna be able to commit suicide.

Suicide is apparently a very specific phenomena, and as such, you can’t simply just run off and commit suicide with ease.

Once I learned I wouldn’t be able to just commit suicide, I stopped fixating on it because it was a waste of time.

So for those of you wondering why or how you’re even still alive despite the fact that your continued existence is vulgar and cruel, that’s apparently why…

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Cause of Death: Suicide 3/31/2020 - 5:06 am

What is a jilted lover?

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