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We can’t all be Russ


I guess we can’t all be the superhero of this story we call life on Earth. But, that may be ok. Turns out a lot of millionaires feel empty and they do heavy drugs. Turns out the guy this post is about is kind of a douche. But at the end of the day millionaires get to have all their money. And Russ gets to be always on point. I don’t get why I can’t be like him. I don’t understand why I’m so inept. But it’s ok. I don’t know what battles they may have. Maybe we are perfect just the way we are. Depressed, bipolar schizophrenic etc. Maybe it’s better this way. To be a misfit toy. Maybe the mountains are better off conquered by others. I mean we can’t all be Superman. There were also spectators and villains. I think I sound mediocre but I don’t care. Screw the standards society put on us. It’s not like we’re making it anyways. So why not give ourselves a break? Maybe we are meant to be the little people that make the world go round. Maybe reincarnation is real and it’s our turn to suffer a little. Maybe it’s better this way…

Welcome to being a misfit. I accept you for who you are. I hope it’s mutual and I hope you also accept yourself.

If people can suggest new music for me that’d be great.

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