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by vagabond

It’s too bad I only recently discovered I pretty much need painkillers to function, otherwise I could’ve been one of the “cOoL kIdS”. While all those little bitches think they’re so cool for smoking dope in their mom’s shed, I would’ve been popping Oxys listening to Comfortably Numb in my own apartment. I’m 25 now. Now it’s gotten to the point where all those people ubiquitously share a tacit sentiment that says “Haha okay guys we’re adults now, it’s no longer time for that stuff. People will accept us despite what we’ve done because we’re all in this together, we all agreed we’d front for each other and watch each other’s backs, right? Our hoe phase/meth “phase” (LMAO!) is OVER now, we can be responsible adults… Right?”

I tried selling some junk (Not “junk”as in something you’d find laying in the stairway of a biker bar, just the lowkey kind of “junk” you’d find a college student doing) to some dickhead not because I like to sell junk, but explicitly because I needed money to move and escape the toxic situation I’m in and because he’s precisely the type of douchebag to buy that kind of garbage, and what did I get? A desperate and sudden sanctimonious effort to distance himself from me because he has a new girlfriend. You know, I guess the dude’s not that kind of person, “anymore”. Not that he’s changed. This is the same dude who smoked crack around a baby. Same goes for that stupid ***** I met in a psych ward who tried to have unprotected sex with me and didn’t listen when I told her five times I already have a girlfriend. “I don’t do that kind of stuff at all.” Yeah right, you *****. When I met you you weighed 85 pounds from abusing Xanax, you fucking whore.

I only ever pretended to be okay with the drug scene out of fear and peer pressure, you fucking scumbags. It just goes to show how hypocritical they all are that when I only pretend to act like them for once suddenly they’re all above me and goodie-two shoes and shit. Not that they’ve moved on. Not that they’ve stopped snorting ketamine out of stripper’s buttcracks or whatever debasing activity it is that morons do for fun these days.


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boxcar 4/20/2020 - 1:05 am


boxcar 4/20/2020 - 1:05 am


boxcar 4/20/2020 - 1:06 am

One ‘s’ and it’s all great. bs

Nobear 4/20/2020 - 11:50 am

Lines of k out of strippers buttcracks? Lol that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard

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