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Another quite rant

by lilsuicideangle007

I’m waiting for someone who will come take me away to the promise land and help me out of this hell hole that I get to call my life. I’m in pain and all I do anymore is sleep when I was to be happy it doesn’t work because people can see behind those lies and I can’t. I’ll lie about being okay and then think I’m okay when I’m really not. The stars will shine so bright at night it’s almost hypnotizing. I mind my own business in my hoodies and sweatpants but I don’ t know what I’m doing anymore. Falling out of love hurts but falling in love hurts even more because it’s nothing but lies. I don’t know what I am anymore. Am i a person with emotions or am I nothing, Life has nothing in it for you or for me, so whats the point in feeling all this pain. Every love song reminds me of her. I don’t want to feel anything anymore and idk anymore. I had to rant

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Once 4/27/2020 - 1:25 am

I read your rant. I sympathize. Breakups hurt, love is a double edged sword. It’ll take you higher than you’ve ever been, then drop you and leave you crushed. Sorry you’re dealing with this.

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