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I’m so lazy. I think my psyche is affected. I don’t do anything but play league and sleep. I’m tired all the time and I gained weight due to meds. I can’t even go on Grindr because when asked so what do you do for a living guess what? Disability due to schizophrenia isn’t it exactly a catch to anyone. I should be reading more but I’m not. I should be studying doing crossword puzzles or something, but I’m not. I’m so frustrated with myself at the moment. I’m such an imbecile. I doubt I’ll ever be a geneticist like I want to be. Gosh this sucks. I’m just hoping I’m wrong… I’m just hoping school comes easy to me the way it used to.i want to make it so bad it’s not even funny. In my depression I just wanted to die. Now, I just want to succeed. I want it bad, like I’ll do anything except for part with the devil. I hear there’s a price tonpay with that one. I just don’t want to be the one guy sober not making it in school. And I want a boyfriend gat darn it. Shouldn’t have been so promiscuous when I was younger I guess. Oh well. Just a little rant to show life ain’t perfect on my end. Thank God for this place where I can rant and rave. Idk what song to post this time so no song today

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Christina_the_Cat 4/5/2020 - 1:09 pm

I’m also a very lazy person. Like you, I have dreams but cannot focus on my tasks and end up losing my time with technology. But recently, I found a way to fight my slothfulness. When I wanna do something but don’t feel like doing it because I’m too lazy, I move around a little and it helps me concentrate on my goals. It’s crazy how just a bit of exercise (it doesn’t have to be hard) can really help. Try it. 🙂

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