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Desending further and further …

by comfortably numb

I’ve always felt alone all my life where no one actually loves or cares enough to get me out of my miserable existence. Working a hopeless job with so much pressure and stress driving me towards benzos to cope with daily life, and now I can fairly say I’m addicted and good a old benzo baby now leading me further towards thoughts of suicide. My parents and brothers don’t understand, but they’re all fucked in their own right …. There hasn’t been a happy moment to hold on too since years, and all I do I fuck up and hurt the people around me. This fog is slowly eating my existence and I finally want a way out ..

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efejacque 4/25/2020 - 10:43 am

I came back to this site after remembering it years later and I read your post and I want to offer that helping hand. It’s my sincerest hope you get to the place you have been wanting to be and if I can help point you closer in that direction, well what a happy thing that would be. My email is efejacque@gmail.com

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