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It’s 7:29pm. I keep my window open. I shouldn’t. The cars are loud and remind me i’m stuck in my room with my thoughts. It’s too cold, I feel myself shivering needing to wrap two blankets around myself to not feel like i’m gonna get sick. Some people are yelling as they pass by, too heated in their arguments to notice the disturbance they’re causing. Dogs are loud and barking at anything and everything that comes near them. Ever so often a ghetto car comes by with loud music and an old muffler. But past all of it I can’t help but notice the grass looks greener today. It’s kinda funny looking compared to the dead trees around it. The change is refreshing. The color just looks right. It brings me peace. I hope I will always notice greener grass.

i haven’t used my scissors in a bit. they tend to reach my thigh when i feel overwhelmed. not much happened that day yet i still reached into my nightstand for my scissors. i am always overwhelmed.

17, venus.

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i_morph 4/16/2020 - 10:45 pm

awesome writing.. even though painful for you

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