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She’s Ok I Think

by J Doe

I sometimes look at discord to see if she’s on. Yeah I know it’s creepy. Yeah I know I should probably stop. Yeah I know that I’m a sad pathetic man. Anyways, I noticed she was playing League of Legends. That means she is ok. Or ok enough to play a video game. Yeah it kind of sucks that she won’t respond to my messages but she will play a game. It hurts a little. But after a little while, I realized that she is ok enough to play games and possibly hang out with friends. That means she is not sick or feeling too sad to do anything. She is ok. She’s not dead or too depressed to get out of bed. She is possibly playing with friends, so at least she is a bit happy. I’d rather her be happy and not talking to me than being not ok. And she hasn’t blocked me on discord or possibly on the phone (I think). So at least it’s open in the future for us to talk again. She hasn’t completely shut me out. Oh well. I’m just happy she’s playing a video game.


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Yoges 4/22/2020 - 12:22 pm

I won’t call that creepy. Only shows you care about her happiness enough not to be envious that she can be happy without you. That’s all that matters.

I was into online stalking 4 years ago just to know if she was doing okay.
I had behaved like an asshole on purpose to push her away because I was planning suicide and burning bridges, so that I won’t have to keep in touch and thus, few people would know what became of me. I still remember the painful look on her face at our last meeting. Anyways, later her posts suggested she had moved on. Then one fine day I see her profile updated with wedding pics. She had gotten married to a guy many orders better than me. I felt very light-hearted. Felt like a closure. Haven’t looked her up since. I’m sure she’s doing fine, but even if she isn’t, the reason won’t be me.

Just wanted to say I can relate to your post.

boxcar 4/23/2020 - 12:49 am

At least you weren’t trying to stalk a cute girl’s instagram and didn’t know notifications on who’s creepin popped up lol because there I was new to instagram worlding. And there she was awkwardly making this face ” ” D: ” ” Dx ” singing red hot chili peppers really well ~ and me, stupidly messing w/video on mute to see the face go ” D: ” 5 times
League of legends?

boxcar 4/23/2020 - 12:50 am

League is such a nerdy man game xD

boxcar 4/23/2020 - 12:59 am

And, let’s say this somehow works out for the two of you.
I knew this girl that went to a guy’s house on the first date. She had to take a dump really bad, and his bathroom didn’t work… And she was I guess like in emergency mode because she didn’t drive to the gas station right across the street. So she stands on his fenced in back porch, with a walmart bag, and takes a dump in it.
Well, now. They have a kid together, but when they fight, he’ll say, “Yeah, I think you’re psycho!” And she’ll ask why. And he’ll be all, “Because you’re that trifling b!tch that shit in the bag!” And she said it gets her every time, like sooo angry ~
(It’s true, who does that omg)
Anyway it’s the worst romantic “oh, this was how we met and this was our beginning” story you’ll EVER hear.
At least you aren’t them.
And that one song, “There she goes again” could go with any weird this is how we met story (because flicks in the 90’s were weird and okay in that way) EXCEPT THEIR’S

boxcar 4/23/2020 - 2:25 am

And I’m just going to admit, I was so nervous on my first date, that my best friend was hiding in the trunk of my car (jeep) to be with me in the spirit omg i was sooo nervous and she had no idea.
Went well.

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