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Sober: day 4

by no name

I’m doing this for you. Why do you hate me? Why haven’t we talked in days!? You didn’t answer me for an hour the other night until I was leaving for work and then all you did was send me a smiley face and that was the last thing I heard from you.

Im sorry :'( i know I’m probably over reacting. I know theres probably an explanation. It’s just….I dont feel the same way towards you anymore….I guess that’s how i protect myself now after being hurt so much. I use to have to talk to you. But I dont much care anymore. Although it’s still keeping me up at night. I constantly wake up, looking for a message from you. But there hasn’t been anything there.

Maybe it’s best this way. I am always saying you’re better off without me, even though you disagree. Oh well, no matter what happens between now and your birthday I’m still going to do this for you. I still care.

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