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Tattoo Ideas

by J Doe

I’ve always wanted a tattoo. I like the art and design behind it. The fact that a person commits a part of themselves to a specific design is really cool to me. I have a few ideas already. I like geometric shapes. Weird illusion designs are neat, but I don’t really like them when they are plain black ink. I want it to be more colorful, to make it pop. I saved a tattoo that looked really cool, but it made it seem like the skin was kind of rolling back through blocky shapes. Like you were looking inside of a person, and inside there was this cool spiral pillar. Can’t find the picture online, but I have it on my phone. The thing I don’t like about it is that it’s black and white. I’d like it to be colorful, but not uniformly. More like splash art. Another idea I’ve been thinking about recently is like a cluster of eyes on my shoulder. I like tattoos that embody an abstract idea. I want a tattoo that embodies fear and paranoia. Having a cluster of eyes all looking in different directions, all looking afraid and frantic, would be really cool. None of them would be looking straight. All of them will be looking out the corners of the eyes. One that seems cool is just a body floating from an above perspective. Out in the middle of the ocean. That idea is a bit more hard though. The concept of loneliness is what I’d like to convey with that idea, but that only works if the ocean is vast and wide and empty. Yet I want to see their face up close. That idea would probably work better as an animation or painting. There is also the semicolon. I’ve never tried to commit suicide, but I think about it a lot. Although, tons of people have them, so I don’t know. Anyways, I just wanted to talk about my ideas. Probably look at this again for future reference, if I ever forget them.

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