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To weed or not to weed

by Rainwatch
  1. With this hideous virus gripping the world I knew getting my hands on top shelf weed was gonna be problematic. Let’s face it, everyone is now living in a police state, and this means getting weed was gonna be hard. Luckily I forged a friendship with a grower who knows other growers so I knew he’d put some aside for me, the problem was gonna be getting there and back. Essential journeys we keep hearing are the only tolerated reason to be driving and this is now being enforced by a visible police presence world wide. I understand the need for this and obey social distancing myself but I also LOVE weed and being cocooned at home without is not my idea of a good time. So when I got a txt confirming the weed was there it was a question of Hobson’s choice, was I prepared to drive from the southside to the Northside with the possibility nay probability of encountering police en route, I most certainly was. I spoke to my connection outlining the need for social distancing, they were just as eager as me to remain virus free, so no problem on that front. So now the car journey had to made, a journey requiring the use of Google maps on my phone otherwise I’d get lost. I’m on the motorway, everything fine and my internet goes along with Google maps, I take a wrong exit off the motorway and end up totally fucking lost somewhere near the airport. The gas is running low in my car, the phones gonna die and I can’t access Google maps. Miraculously the internet connection returns along with Google maps with reroutes right back in the correct direction. I’m driving as fast as possible, get to my connection in record time, these guys always like to talk, not because they’re sociable creatures but from paranoia, it looks bad you pulling into their yard and then leaving 2 minutes later, so they normally like to talk for a least 20 mins, however due to the virus there’s very little talk, I pocket the weed and drive home, No police checkpoints whatsoever, a few police cars passed on the motorway but that was it, I guess I got lucky.
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boxcar 4/21/2020 - 8:31 pm

Magnetic key box.

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