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Toxic Quarantine

by BlondeWig

So I live in Canada, and we are all under this quarantine and my work is closed. Normally I have no issues staying home, infact I prefer it. But now I can’t go out and see people who make me happy. And my living situation with my parents is so horribly toxic I feel like i’m drowning. Everything I fucking do is wrong. I’m too old for this. I shouldn’t feel this way. I don’t deserve the bullshit I get but here we are. I haven’t been depressed in months. I worked so hard, so fucking hard not to be anymore and in 3 weeks of being stuck inside with these horrible fucking people, I’m back to square one. Sleeping all fucking day with no purpose to get up. Even that of course is a problem. I’m trying to fight it, trying not to be a sad *****. I get this virus is fucked but fuck. I wish I lived alone and wish I could run far away from this.

I pray anyone else with toxic family members or living situations are okay as well. It’s fucking hard. Hang in there.


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anonymous 4/7/2020 - 4:07 pm

isnt it funny, if aliens wanted to destroy our entire civilisation, all they need to do is force us to stay indoors and we would kill ourselves. No death rays or planet cracking explosions required. just keep us in close quarters and let human nature do the rest.

I’m not making light of this (I’m also stuck in a horrible situation). but it’s just kind of funny. The news media may be hyping it, but I’ve been noticing a lot more murder suicide stories lately, and I’m sure domestic abuse is on the rise, unreported.

maybe you can just crawl inside a pair of headphones til its all over , and then we can go back to being our miserable selves at a safe distance.

BlondeWig 4/7/2020 - 4:12 pm

You’re absolutely right. I’ve seen tons of reports on suicides being up and at first I was like Jeez so dumb and now I’m like fuck yeah I totally get it. This shit sucks. I’ve never wanted to go out so bad in my life. We take our freedom for granted really.

DOA 4/7/2020 - 4:10 pm

im not sure about all of canada but i cant see why not. but i know where i live they have places for people that are being abused. they planned for this. you should look into it if its that bad.

BlondeWig 4/7/2020 - 4:13 pm

I never thought of that. I’ll look into it. Thankyou

DOA 4/7/2020 - 4:23 pm

i listen to the country station everyday where i live and i heard them mention it. youre welcome i hope it works out for you. i came from an abusive household 5 years ago so i know what its like. i purposefully didnt do my schoolwork so id have an excuse to stay in my room

BlondeWig 4/7/2020 - 4:29 pm

I unforunately have my own dog (love her to bits tho) and I live in the basement so I’m forced to leave my room and space to take her out. Which I dread everytime.

DOA 4/7/2020 - 4:33 pm

i lived in the country so if i wasnt in my room i was in the woods. sadly avoidance doesnt always work. avoiding a confrontation with my mother is how i got kicked out and left in from of walmart at 6am at 16 like it was somehow my fault shes a b*tch lol

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