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Where is everyone

by fakingit

No one wants me anymore, they pushed me out or walked away. No one cares that I cant handle it. The intense voice in my head being stuck inside, my life being sucked away from me, I cant handle it. I’m being sucked into a dark hole again and literally no one is there to help me crawl out. This isolation can last a year or more. I dont think il be able to do it. While this has been my fear since the outbreak emerged everyone didnt even think about it. Now it’s all over media, what about the mentally ill? It happened again, someone took their life over this. I swear I’m going to be next and no one really cares.


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Abnormal.Thoughts 4/6/2020 - 1:08 am

Someone cares. We care, because knowing we aren’t alone gives us hope and we all need hope. You aren’t alone either.

an_actual_leg 4/6/2020 - 9:07 pm


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