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by vagabond

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Seriously, what’s up with all the writing off of and denying of people their suffering in modern society with asinine platitudes, etc;?

Why everyone says things like “But it made you stronger”?

If you were a child you didn’t need to be stronger. You needed to be safe.

I wish these assholes would wake up and smell the coffee…

I wonder if there’s a relatively new source to all this quasi-positivistic crap, from within the last century and a half or so.  I think someone posted on here about Freud’s nephew introducing the concept of creating a consumer society to corporations and the subsequent society we have today emerging as a result.




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muspelhem 5/30/2020 - 4:59 am

It is pretty obvious to me that the source is Dumbmerica.

thehusk 5/30/2020 - 5:26 am

Yes! I always think this whenever I hear that Nietzsche quote. There’s any number of things that can permanently weaken us physically and damage us mentally, without killing us.

I think the rise in denial of suffering may be something to do with decline in religious delusion. If you can no longer convince yourself that all your suffering will be rewarded in paradise after death, then you’re confronted with the full force of how terrible life can be, with no redemption. You have to acknowledge that you will most likely decline mentally and physically, being ultimately reduced to a wretched state.

And people can’t handle that. So either you return to religion, or you construct an existentialist/positive thinking defense for yourself, to protect yourself from the bleakness. Or you numb the knowledge away with addiction. Or you become an anxious depressive.

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