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New beginnings! Trials and Errors!


Quarantined at work. And I’m wearing a mask and this stupid dress looking thing.. I dry coughed once until tears were rolling. Probably just my mask. Hopefully. :0

I have full health insurance for this reason, so we good. Someone wants to burn mah house down, we good.

I heard alien abduction insurance was a thing. Kinda funny…

I read someone’s thread on evolved human/ orangutans and started reading about orangutans for two hours. I think they’re my new favorite. It’s a tie between the  Orangutan and Marmoset/ because I’d rather witness a planet swarmed by little monkeys in suits/ but orangutans are cool. Cold/indifferent but docile enough.

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a1957 5/20/2020 - 5:41 pm

I would like to know what information that insurance company needs submitted to make a successful alien abduction claim. That is funny.

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