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I knew that we aren’t free

by Wisp

We’re all enslaved. Just look at the pandemic…
We are all just puppets to the world’s elite.
The world is a complete joke. I really don’t want to be part of this world anymore. It’s so easy for governments to take all of our ‘toys’ away. The months are going to drag on forever.

I wanted to travel this year (yes i know first world problem lol). Well no. I guess that’s not happening. In fact the government will probably start allowing foreign students in here again long before we can even leave our own country. Lol how dumb is that…..

I don’t really want to write any more about that, this is public. How can anyone have faith in this world. Really. I guess this is all icing on the cake for me. I already didn’t enjoy my life.

Suicides have gone up thanks to these events… It’s no wondering why……. It literally feels like forever and i guess people will assume it’s going to be forever because that’s how it feels!!!!

Enough babbling again…

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WickedApparition 5/11/2020 - 6:12 pm

You can leave almost anyplace if you so choose.

The only thing that’s different now then before is it has become inconvenient since you no longer have the same level of accommodation afforded to people/organizations/corporations by Governments.

Additionally, the sad truth is that most all people, from most nation, do not understand the difference between a freedom, a right, and a civil liberty. Without being able to distinguish between these it is very easy to feel as though something has been taken from you when in fact the situation’s no different than it has been for most of history.

All governments and civilization are put in place with the soul understanding that its purpose is to look out for the people however they deem fit, and in exchange for that yes we are in fact giving up some of our inherent liberties in order for that.

At the end of the day you still afforded your own choice of action. The real question is what is the price that you’re going to have to pay for that choice and how inconvenient will it be.

I think you should hang in there though. Perhaps you could be the soul that redefines the system for betterment. It would be a shame to lose that, no?

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