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I; Like You

by WickedApparition

I, too, can be like you.
Words… My paint.
Pictures… My canvas.
Emotions… My colors.
Unspoken… My brush.

I, too, can be like you.
Where my bluest of blues may crash upon you like the saddest of songs you know through and through
Or my most crimson’s of red that may dance in your head like love or love lost if your minds set on dread.

But, I am not like you.
My writings are just writings.
My pallet; shades of grey.

Without you… I am nothing
But with you… I am everything

In short:
You each hold more power than you realize.
And, more often than not, simply being yourself is all that it takes to give someone’s words, and life, meaning…
… Perhaps even when they need it the most.


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