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Im not the person i use to be

by Abandoned

Why cant they understand that!? Im not worth it anymore. Im not the same person they loved. Im someone different now. Im not the me that they loved.

Update because thank you radio for reminding me.
Mothers day is coming up. I have 3 mothers yet none. My biomother who is a f*cking c*nt that started all this bs in my life. My stepmother who swears up and down that she loves me but i almost never hear from her and my mother-in-law, which just isnt the same as im sure some of you understand or maybe you all understand idk. Point is i f*cking hate these holidays and im sure im not the only one here. Yay next is fathers day because i just love celebrating the one that basically sent me off to get raped because yeah lets send our 16yo daughter off into the middle of the woods with 2 guys whats the worse that could happen. Or my biofather who much like my stepmother swears he loves me but i never hear from him. I hear from my stepmother more often then i hear from him. I hate parents they are so useless. (Speaking in a general sense. Example my friends mom is very nice. When my friend told her the gist of what was going on, because he didnt completely know himself at the time, she said that i could move in. But thats a different story)

Today seems to be a stressful day for me. Ill probably update with more stuff to b*tch about. Like how im useless or theres a shell of emotion around me. Or i might save those topics for tomorrow. We’ll see how the day goes.

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